Obama’s Speech Does Little To Sway KC Area Members of Congress

President Barack Obama’s Tuesday night speech on US involvement in Syria did not move many Member of Congress from Kansas and Missouri.
Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill, who is an ally of President Obama, says the President made “an important case” for why Syria is a threat to the U-S. McCaskill, however, has doubts.
“But, I also continue to weigh the possible consequences of military action. Over the coming days, I will continue to engage with my colleagues, evaluate classified information, and monitor a situation which continues to evolve on a daily basis,” said McCaskill in a Tuesday night statement after the speech.
Ks-3 Congressman Kevin Yoder told KMBC TV Wednesday morning he remains opposed to a U-S strike.
East Kansas Republican Lynn Jenkins took note of the string of developments Tuesday involving a potential Russian element to settle the crisis.
“However, while I am open to evolving diplomatic solutions, I remain unconvinced injecting our military into the middle of a violent civil war is in America’s best interest,” Jenkins said.
Kansas Senator Pat Roberts issued a statement after the President came to CapitolHill to seek seek support.
Roberts says during the August recess, “not as ingle Kansan” told him they supported a Syrian strike by the U-S. Roberts is very skeptical of the possibility of a diplomatic settlement.
““There is nothing I trust about the UN, Russia, or the Assad regime. By offering this diplomatic path, we are simply providing a delayed mechanism for the president to pursue his goal of a military strike when the regime does not comply. At that time, I believe Kansans, and all Americans, will feel the same as they do today– opposed to military strikes in Syria,” Roberts said in remarks before the speech.
Wichita Congressman Mike Pompeo is also doubtful.
““I am pleased that calls for a more robust strike against Syria have met with the possible outcome of the remove of chemical weapons from Assad. I hope this works, but I am always skeptical when Vladimir Putin is making an offer to help. Regardless, I remain convinced that the only way to assure Americans’ safety is by implementing a strategic and integrated plan that does more than simply ‘shoot across the bow,” Pompeo said

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