McCaskill Says Missouri Voters May Think All Politicians Are Crazy

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says she is not surprised that many
Missourians think all Washington politicians are crazy.
“I think frankly most of the voters in my state think we all lost our minds and they are not big fans of any of us,” McCaskill said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program Wednesday according to Politico.
“We’ve got a bunch of people in my state that … think we’re all crazy,” she added.
McCaskill’s remark came after she was asked about President Obama’s slipping poll numbers.
She also criticized Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s all-night Senate speech against the President’s health
care plan, often called ‘Obamacare’.
McCaskill thinks Cruz is just drawing attention to himself.
She said Cruz’ reading of the Dr. Seuss classic ‘Green Eggs and Ham’, misses the point.
Cruz said he he read the story on the Senate floor as part of his speech as a bedtime story to his children at home.
McCaskill said Cruz’ use of the story misses the point.
“My daughter texted me this morning and said, ‘Mom, does he not know the point of the story?’ It’s that you can’t knock things until you try it, which is ironic that he used it in the filibuster,” the Missouri Democrat said, according to Politico.

2 Responses

  1. Maybe she should try obamacare instead of being exempt.

  2. Well, Claire….it could also easily be said that the Green Eggs & Ham story fits with WE ARE NOW TRYING IT….and this Ham story is that it is NOT PALATABLE to the American people. ObamaCare has already had the fork in it enough to know we need to spit it out….and “tasting more of it will REALLY make us sick….you know, like green ham would do.”……so, YES, WE CAN….KNOCK IT. Be sure to text your daughter.

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