Comments from Area Senators & Congressmen on Shutdown

Ks-3 Congressman Kevin Yoder called for compromise to end the government shutdown. But the Johnson County Republican did not lay out where that compromise is at this point.
"As we lurch from defaults, to fiscal cliffs, to government shutdowns, I know most of the country is fatigued and frustrated with the inability of Washington to work together to solve big problems. There is a reasonable compromise here and I hope both sides will tone down the rhetoric and work towards finding a balanced approach to solving our problems."
Kansas City Democrat Anurl Cleaver says the shutdown is hurting thousand of his constituents.
"“Today, our public servants and the people who depend on them for many kinds of services are being punished because Washington has wasted time yet again,” stated Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II. “In Missouri’s Fifth District, the federal government employs nearly 45,000 people —many of whom have already been injuriously impacted by sequestration– who will now be furloughed. They are not the only ones who will be affected, but their sacrifices will be the most severe,".
KS-2 Rep Lynn Jenkins says Senate is to blame for not offering individual mandate delay.
"“What we are suggesting at this point is that there be no special carve outs for the very wealthy, the big business. The president has given waivers to big businesses as it relates to ObamaCare. He has given members of Congress special treatment, and so our only ask at this point is that we stop those carve outs and provide fairness for everyone. Put an end to the special carve outs for members of Congress, and let my constituents, the hardworking mothers in Kansas, the small businesses, get the same delay in the enforcement mechanism on the individual mandate piece,".
Northern Missouri Republican Congressman Sam Graves says his staff and offices remain open during the shut down.
He, too, blames the Democratic majority in the Senate.
"“I am tremendously disappointed that the Senate has failed to pass legislation keeping the government open. At every step of the way, the House has attempted to find common ground and has passed legislation that is good for the American people. Yet, on the other side of the Capitol, Senate leadership refused to budge an inch. Additionally, the president failed to play any kind of constructive role in this process. He has the bully pulpit, and he chose to use it for political grandstanding, rather than engaging with the Congress."
Kansas Senator Pat Roberts:
“In the past 72 hours, Republicans have offered up three different solutions to give the American people what they want — a government that works for the people and protection from the health care law that is hurting patients and the economy,".
Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill:
“It is completely unacceptable that U.S. House Republicans are willing to shut down the government. This will upset our economic recovery and cause thousands of Missourians real pain. They know that the President will not back up on his work to provide affordable and accessible health care. They know that the Senate will not overturn these reforms. A decision was made at the ballot box last November, and supporters of the Affordable Care Act were returned to office by the American people. We can negotiate federal spending and the budget. We should not negotiate on keeping our government functioning and paying our bills. It is time for Speaker Boehner to allow the House to vote on a clean government funding bill without the unrealistic and irresponsible political posturing."

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