Huelskamp May be Indicating a Change of Strategy By House Conservatives

Conservative west Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp is hinting there may be a chnage of tactics amoung House Conservatives.
Politco reports. That may mean an ed to the tactic of shutting down the government in a showdown over Obamacare.
The article says during a tour of his west Kansas district, often called ‘ The Big First’ , Huelskamp did not talk of using the shutdown strategy in the future.
” There will still be a push to repeal it. there will still be a push to defund it,” Politco quote Huelskamp.
The Congressman says he’ll support efforts at. Passing a law stating American who already have health insurance can keep it, if they choose.
The Politco report says Huelskamp’s remarks may a signal a change in tactics.
Some west Kansas Republicans agree.
” I’ve noticed it. I think they’ve backed off, they’ve surrendered”, Jim Circle Rook County Republican Chairman, according to the report.
Huelskamp is part of the die- hard Conservative Members in the GOP House Caucus.
After bucking House Speaker John Boehner last year, Huelskamp was one of three conservatives who were kicked off choice committee assignments. Huelskamp was removed from the House Agriculture Committee, even though he is from on one of the nation’s biggest farm districts.
Despite the inside-the-beltway setback, Huelskamp remains almost politically untouchable in the Big First, a nickname that reflects the expansive, heavily Republican district he represents, it covers the western half of Kansas.
“If a Republican is going to challenge him he’s going to have to run to the left of him and I don’t think you’re going to see much success of somebody running to the left of him,” said Kelly Arnold, Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party.


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