Medicaid Meeting Is Off After Nixon and Lawmakers Can’t Agree Where to Meet

Post Dispatch:

JEFFERSON CITY • A planned summit between Gov. Jay Nixon and legislators studying Medicaid has been canceled because of a disagreement over the meeting’s format.

In a letter released today, Nixon accused Sen. Gary Romine, R-Farmington, and Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, of politicizing the meeting, which was set for Nov. 26. Nixon said he would not participate in “a political game.”

Romine and Barnes said in a letter to the governor today that they planned to convene the meeting as a joint hearing of their interim committees on Medicaid reform. They said it would be held in the ornate House Lounge in the Capitol and would be open to the public.

The governor would have been the only witness, according to the legislators’ letter. After his “opening address,” committee members could have asked Nixon questions.

Legislators wanted to “make sure we have the opportunity to have that question-and-answer time,” Romine said in an interview. He said they wanted to avoid a situation where Nixon simply made a speech and left the room.

“We were very serious about having a good format and setting to have a good discussion on it,” Romine said.


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