Dole, Bond, Blunt & Brownback Honorary Co-Chairs for KC Convo Pitch

Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole and Former Missouri Senator ‘Kit’ Bond joins Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt as the Honorary Co-Chairs of Kansas City’s bid to host the Republican National Convention in 2016.
Kansas City received the bid packaged from the republican national Committee (RNC) last week.
“I am proud to lend my support to the effort to bring the 2016 Republican Convention to Kansas City,” said Dole in a statement Monday. “I believe the city would be an ideal choice to host such an important event for our party.”
“The prospects for the Republican Convention in the Heart of America are exciting,” said Bond in the same statement. “In 1976 Kansas City showed it could host a world-class Republican Convention and the city gained revenue and respect. 40 years later, it would be great to have that opportunity again.”
Senator Blunt and Governor Brownback are also optimistic about the city’s chances of landing the convention.
The first order of business will be to complete the bid proposal the city has. It is due back to the RNC by February 26, 2014.
Other cities being mentioned as the host for the GOP in 2016 include Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and there may be others.
While the main convention session are planned to be held at the Sprint Center Arena in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, the local effort plans to use facilities on both sides of the state line.
In 2012, the Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida metro used facilities in both cities to host the Republican Convention

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