Silvey Pitches ‘ Border War’ Cease Fire Deal

Clay County State Senator Ryan Silvey is proposing a cease-fire in the business ‘ Border War’ between Missouri and Kansas.
Silvey’s measure is similar to one Governor Jay Nixon called for earlier this month.
The bill would prohibit businesses flipping from one side of the state line in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area from getting tax breaks for their move.
The law would effect Missouri counties Jackson, Clay, Platte and Cass.
It would also apply to counties in Kansas, Johnson, Wyandotte, Douglas and Miami.
It would only go into effect if the Kansas Legislature enacts a similar plan.
“We have a history over here of the two states basically poaching companies from one side of the state line to the other, costing each state millions of dollars,” Silvey said. “In reality, the jobs haven’t really moved. The families pretty well stay where they are (and) they just take a different path to work, and you spend a bunch of money for a lot of nothing,” Silvey said according to KWMU.
The measure got immediate support from a number of business groups on the Kansas City, Missouri side of the state line.
Silvey said it was ironic his pre-filed bill drew the number of 635. He noted that the number of part of the interstate beltway around Kansas City connecting Missouri and Kansas.

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