Missouri Chamber: Mo. Hospitals Lost 1,000 Jobs With No Medicaid Expansion

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce says the lack of Medicaid expansion in the state has cost almost 1,000 jobs at the state’s hospitals and health clinics.
“We are talking about real workers who are losing their jobs. We are talking about real community hospitals that will be forced to reduce services or shut their doors,” said Chamber President Dan Mehan in Jefferson City Wednesday.
The state Chamber, which has backed many projects supported by the Republican majority in Jefferson City now finds itself allied with Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s stalled push to expand Medicaid.
Nixon hopes the report published by the Chamber and the state Hospital Association generates support for the expansion.
“Fortunately, there is a clear path—and plenty of time left in the session for the General Assembly to prevent further damage to our economy,” Nixon said in a statement after the report was released.
The report says about half of the 84 hospital responding to the survey sau they’ve laid off almost 1,000 workers .
According to the report, 49 of the hospitals in the survey says more than 2,100 positions are, or could be affected by hiring freezes in the near future.
The report repeats what the Missouri Hospital Association has been saying, that the state’s smaller rural hospitals could face lay-offs, service reductions and other cut backs without Medicaid expansion.
Changes in the federal health care laws means Missouri hospitals will lose about $4 billion over the next 5 years.
The Obama administration is offering to help states that expand their state Medicaid programs with 100% of the costs in the early years and 90% of the costs later.
Both Kansas and Missouri, however, have not expanded their Medicaid programs. That is partly due to the Republican majorities both state capitols that oppose the Affordable care Act, often called, “Obamacare

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