Kobach Says New ‘Made in Kansas’ Gun Law Could Draw Other Gun Makers

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says he hopes the new company he’s investing in helps draw more gun manufacturing to Kansas.

“This will be the first company in Kansas that would manufacture the entire rifle,” Kobach said.

Kansas Secretary there are two other firms in the state that are in other parts of the gun manufacturing or supply business.

Kobach’s minority ownership element is drawing some attention.

That’s because Kobach pushed for 2013 law that could help the new business down the road.

‘The Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act’ says weapons made in Kansas and that stay in Kansas would be exempt from some federal gun regulations.

Kobach says the federal right to regulate firearms is based in the authority to regulate interstate commerce.

The Second Amendment Protection Act, says Kobach, reinforces existing law, in the event Congress passes tighter restrictions on guns or bullets.

“So absolutely, the state of Kansas is drawing a line in the sand and saying, ‘look, there are some aspects of firearms manufacturing and regulation can’t touch”.

The majority owner of the new company, ‘Minuteman Defense LCC’, is Scott Shane, a friend and political supporter of the Secretary of State.

Shane says they hope to develop an improved version of the M-16 rifle and sell it to Kansas law enforcement agencies.

Shane says the gun manufacture plant is expected to be located in Johnson County. He has a brass fittings plant in Overland Park.

Shane says he may try to get a patent for some of the weapon’s elements.

He also says it will require several months to test and prepare the weapon for sale.

The weapon will not be available to the public. Kobach and Shane says they hope to sell to gun dealers who may offer the weapon for sale to Kansas law enforcement

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