Dole Says Age May Be Issue for Clinton as it Was for Him

Former GOP Presidential candidate and Kansas Senator Bon Dole talked to Politico recently about his take on the political landscape.
Here is some of what he said:
“* Whether age is a fair issue in presidential elections: Fair or not, Dole said the subject is as in-bounds for the 2016 Democratic field as it was for him in 1996, when he ran at the age of 73. “We had signs, ‘Dole in ’96,’ and the Democrats in some areas changed it to ‘Dole is ’96,’” he recalled. “Hillary will be, what, 69? Age can be a factor. I think it was in my race, and it’ll be in hers.”
* His own decision to resign from the Senate in 1996: Dole said he never regrets his choice to step down amid the campaign – or only “rarely, not really.” But he admitted to missing the day-to-day give and take of the Capitol, at least on occasion. “Oh, you know, I kind of miss that. When I’m in the office and there’s something red-hot going on in Congress,” Dole said. “I don’t say it was fun, but it was interesting to be, sort of, in the eye of the storm.” Upon further reflection, he allowed: “Yeah, I miss that.”
* Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden: “Do I think she’d be tough?” Dole asked. “I think, with Bill’s help – he did a pretty decent job. In fact, he did a job on me.” For Biden, he has warmer words and a fond memory. “We’re great friends,” Dole said.

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