Nixon Vetoes or Freezes $1.1 Billion, Silvey Calls It a “Game”

Clay County Republican Ryan Silvey, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, accused Governor Jay Nixon of playing “political games’ with his budget vetoes and freezes Tuesday.
The Governor vetoed of froze more than $1.1 in the state budget Tuesday. He said the set of tax breaks and credits passed in the finals hours of the Legislative by the Republican majority were to blame.
Nixon has repeatedly call more than $700 million in last minute tax measures. He frequently calls them, the ‘Friday Favors” because on they were passed on the final day of the session, a Friday.
Nixon says those tax bills put the state budget “dangerously out of balance.”
Silvey said of the tax bills, “these are taxes that we hadn’t collected on a number of things in the past,” he added, “to say we’re giving up revenue we’ve never collected? It’s a political game”.
Nixon also line-item vetoed $100 million of the $114 million in added money for the state’s school foundation formula.
Assistant Democratic Minority Leader, Kansas City’s Gail Beatty, defended the Governor’s actions.
She said he has a constitutional duty to have a balanced budget.
She said, however, she was surprised the Governor did what he did to the education budget.
“I hate that we have to pit our kids against, often times, big business, ”Beatty said.
The Governor said he would restore some of the money that he has restricted now, if the lawmakers sustain his vetoed in September.

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