Democrat Koster Endorses ‘ Freedom to Farm’ Amendment

Missouri Times, via John Combest:
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Less than one week after a Republican lawmaker backed out of a scheduled debate on Missouri’s so-called Right to Farm amendment, Democrat Attorney General Chris Koster announced his support for the measure.

Chris Koster
Koster announced at the Missouri Farm Bureau headquarters that he supported Amendment 1, which will be appearing on the August 5 ballot. Supporters say the language protects Missouri’s largest industry – agriculture – by protecting it against future burdensome regulations. The ballot language reads:

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to ensure that the right of Missouri citizens to engage in agricultural production and ranching practices shall not be infringed?

Koster announced his support at a political event today. A spokesperson for Missourians for Koster released a brief statement to The Missouri Times.

“The Right to Farm Amendment will ensure that agricultural production in Missouri is always economically competitive with other states across the country. This amendment ensures Missouri farming methods are not subject to extreme regulations that damage our state’s number one industry.”

Opponents of the language say it will actually give a blank check to pollute to small and large corporate farms alike and allow even the most minimal of regulations to be challenged in court.

Some groups on the left —the very base he’ll need to tap in a few years — immediately slammed Koster, who plans to run for Governor in 2016, for supporting Amendment 1. Former state lawmaker, Wes Shoemyer, is leading the charge against the proposed constitutional change. In a press release from Missouri’s Food for America, Shoemyer blasted Koster for inconsistency.

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