Jackson County Prosecutor Worries Of a ” Flood” of Court Battles Over Gun Rights Amendment

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Bakers worries the court could see many lawsuits, if Missouri voters approve a gun rights amendment tithe state constitution next month.
“It is going to bring a flood of litigation. We know that,” Baker told KMBC TV
Baker and the St. Louis County Prosecutor are challenging the wording to Amendment 5, as it’s known, on the ballot.
Baker says some of the wording is imprecise and could jeopardize some criminal cases where firearms are used.
Amendment 5 also declares the right right to keep and bear arms in Missouri is ” an inalienable right”.
Supports says that phrase re-enforces its position in law.
“This is something that law-abiding citizens cannot be deprived of,” said Kevin Jamison, the President of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance and a practicing attorney.
Another element of the proposal extends the right to bear arm to firearms accessories.
A gun instructor and former law enforcement officer, Don Pind, of the Show Me Shooter gun range says that language is also in the plan to re-enforce gun rights.
A lot of times what happens is that things get changed.”
Something is made illegal that had been legal in the past,” said Pind.
As an example, Pind pointed to efforts to restrict the amount of bullets that can be held in an ammunition magazine.

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