Poll: Right to Farm-“Too Close to Call”

An independent poll released in the final days of the Missouri primary indicates the proposed ‘Right to Farm ’ amendment (Amendment #1) could end up being a tight race on Tuesday night.
““Amendment 1 is going to be determined by turnout and could go either way,” according to Titus Bond of the Remington Research group, the firm that conducted the poll.
The survey of 1,115 likely primary voters taken last week shows 48% of the survey supporting Amendment #1 1, 40% opposed and 12% heading into the last days of the campaign.
Bond thinks voter turn-out will be a key factor in determining who wins the race. Overall, turn-out is expected to be light across the state of Missouri.
Another proposed constitutional amendment is a close race is Amendment #8. That would create a special lottery ticket with the proceeds dedicated to funding Missouri’s veteran services. The state runs seven veterans homes. There is a waiting list of 1,900 persons for beds in those locations.
According to the poll, the veterans lottery ticket plan is in trouble. 46% of the survey oppose it; 41% support it and 13% are undecided.
Two other proposed constitutional amendments are appear poised for big victories.
Amendment #5, which would make the right to bear arms in Missouri an inalienable” right, has almost 2-to-1 lead.
60% of the survey supports it, 31% oppose it and 9% remain undecided.
Amendment #9, which extends privacy rights to electronic communication, is also in good shape.
67% support Amendment #9; 20% oppose it and 14% are undecided.
Remington says it did not poll on Amendment #7, the transportation sales tax question, “due to a conflict of interest”, according to a statement from the firm.

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