Brownback Takes. A couple of Questions on Same Sex Marriage at Olathe Campaign Stop

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says he continues to support the state’s state constitutional ban against same sex marriage. But the incumbent Governor dodged a few more questions about the same sex marriage issue at a campaign stop in Olathe.
After answering three questions, his Communications Director, John Milburn, escorted the Governor off, saying there was another appointment.
Monday, the US Supreme Court refused to take two cases defending a ban on same sex marriages. Kansas is involved because the cases came Oklahoma and Utah, two states that are also in the 10th judicial Circuit, along with Kansas. Lower federal courts in the 10th judicial Circuit have ruled similar same sex bans unconstitutional.
Kansas attorney general Derek Schmidt admits the Supreme Court’s announcement puts Kansas in ”a difficult positon”. He says he’ll defend the state’s ban when it is challenged in court.
Brownback followed Schmidt to the microphone. He noted the state’s 2005 election added the same sex ban to the state constitution. It collected 70% of the vote.
“That’s as strong a vote that what can take place,” said the Governor. He also added he expects the matter is now headed to court.
After two more questions, Brownback walked away from the speaker’s stand and the microphones. He briefly repeated his answer about the strength of the 70% vote and then his campaign aide escorted him from the area where reporters were gathered.
Brownback was in Olathe to receive the endorsement of Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning and Johnson County district attorney Steve Howe.
The Governor also toured the Johnson County criminal laboratory facilities

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