Davis’ Campaign Says Brownback Running. “Smear” Campaign, Cites Unhappy Brownback Voter E-mail

Kansas Democratic Governor Paul Davis is pointing to an e-mail written by a Sam Brownback supporter as proof that the Governor’s campaign is going too far.
“This is character assassination, which is not a Kansas value,” said Davis’ running mate Jill Docking.
The Davis campaign is upset with another political commercial dealing with Davis’ presence in 1998 at drug raid in a southwest Kansas strip club.
Davis was not charged and the raid was not directed at him. The owner of the club, however, did face drug charges.
At one point the commercial said Davis worked for the suspected drug dealer. Davis worked for the law firm that represented the club owner prior to the raid. He said his boss at the law firm brought him to the club.
Davis was 26, and single at the time. When the story broke, however, he conceded he was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time”.
The commercial is from The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA).
Davis’ campaign also released an e-mail sent to Governor Sam Brownback’s official office.
The e-mail is signed from “David______(last name blacked out), Johnson County Kansas Republican”
“I plan to vote for Sam November,” it reads, “but the TV ad that I just saw infuriates me” he wrote.
He was referring to the second RGA commercial on the Davis strip club episode.
Governor Brownback press office confirms the e-mail arrived about 6:44 pm Thursday night
The write says as he was preparing dinner, his family saw the commercial on TV and his son asked him, “dad, what’s a strip club?”.
The writer blamed Brownback’s campaign for the commercial.
During a conference call with reporters, Davis supporters acknowledged the commercial was produced and paid for by a third party.
Political veteran Johnson County, former state senator dick bond called that separation between the RGA and the Brownback campaign, “a sham”.
“Because those ads are not run unless the candidate and the candidate’s staff gives their approval,” Bond said.
Jon Thompson of the RGA said his group have produced five campaign commercials to support Brownback’s reelection campaign. Polls show the Republican Governor in a tight race in a traditionally republican state.

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