Brown back Not Wortied By Missed Budget Predictions

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says he is not worried that the state is not meeting some of his budget projections.
The state has missed two of three monthly predictions since the fiscal year 2015 started in July. The projections were also off during some of the months earlier in the calendar year.
The tax receipts for September were off by 1.6%.
‘That’s right in the ballpark,” said Governor Brownback during a campaign stop in Kansas City, Kansas Thursday.
An assessment from the state’s non-partisan legislative research department, however says the September numbers hold more impact than a conventional monthly report.
“The month’s receipts include the first estimated payment of individual income taxes for the fiscal year. As such, September receipt balances are more of an indicator on the state’s economic activity than
only one month’s receipts,” accordng to the report.
The point of concern for some experts seems to be that the state income tax collections were off by more than 9% from the estimate.
The Governor countered says that the corporate tax receipts and the payroll tax numbers were up.
The state’s economy and the Brownback tax cuts enacted in his first term are major issues in the re-election campaign.
The state could be almost 240 million dollars short of expected funds in the coming year.
Brownback’s opponent, democrat Paul Davis says the Governor’s economic plans are not working. Davis says, if elected, he would freeze the Brownback tax cuts at the current levels
Davis and other critics say the state’s budget troubles may get worse in a second Brownback administration leading to more state program cuts.
The Governor has said repeatedly he has handled larger budget problems that the current situation

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