Double Digiy Undecided on Many Missouri Ballot Questions

A new poll on some of the constitutional amendments on the Missouri ballot show a high percentage of undecided voters the day before the election, according to Remington Research.
One in five voters in the survey are undecided on Amendment 10.
Amendment 10 would prevent the Missouri Governor from withholding funds already approved by the legislature.
That’s been a sore spot between Democratic Governor Jay Nixon and the Republican leaders of the legislature.
According to Remington, Amendment 10 is losing 42-38%.
“It’s an amendment with a lot of ballot language and it looks like voters do not yet have a clear preference,” said Titus Bond of Remington.
Amendment 3, which ties teacher pay to academic achievement is down 61%-27%. Bond says that reflects the fact there is no campaign supporting the measure.
12% of the people in the survey are undecided in Amendment 3.
Amendment 6, which would
provide some early voting in Missouri is trailing badly, 63-23%. 14% undecided in that race.
The measure has been criticized in some newspaper editorials.
Amendment 2, which expands the rules for evidence allowed in child
molestation cases for victims under 18 is winning.
The. Remington poll has it up 55-23%. 21% say they’re undecided on that question.

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