Aide Says Councilman Michael Brooks Choked Her

KSHB is reporting the aide for Kansas City Councilman Michael Brooks has filed a police report accusing the city official of choking her.
Tonia Titus filed the report last week. She says the incident happened on Election Day.
She accuses Brooks of first complaining about her hairstyle. When Titus tells Brooks both she and her boyfriend like her hair the way it is, the police report says Brooks the. Suddenly grabbed her and drug Titus into the Councilman’s office.
Titus says in the report that the choking continued inside Brooks’ office.
Titus police report saysBrooks was using two hands to choke her at first and the switched, using the woman’s belt.
A spokesman for the city confirms the city has hired a outside firm to investigate the charges.
Brooks is a ,first term city councilman representing the5th district.
He made news earlier in his term when Brooks, the pastor of a church, sent a nude photo of himself to a woman he met through Facebook.

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