Senate Keystone Pipeline XL VoteComes up one vote Short, all 4 Regional Senators Vote for It

(AP) – Missouri U.S. senators say they’re disappointed legislation to complete the Keystone XL Pipeline has failed.

Tuesday’s vote fell one short of the 60 needed to prevent a filibuster in the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has long supported the legislation along with Republican Sen. Roy Blunt despite opposition from some members her party.

The two senators say the pipeline will create jobs and business opportunities, as well as boost energy security.

Democrats pushed against the bill because of environmental concerns.

Keystone would pipe oil from Canada through the U.S. to the Gulf of Mexico, but would not cross Missouri’s borders.

Kansas Senators pat Roberts and Jerry Moran also voted for the pipeline

Republicans are expected to reintroduce a version of the bill when they gain control of the Senate next session. McCaskill says she’ll continue to support the pipeline.

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