Forte Predicts Unpopular Decisions Coming Soon

Kansas City police Chief Darryl Forte says he’s about to make some unpopular decisions.
Forte announced that Thursday when accepting the ‘Difference Maker ‘ award from the Kansas City Chapter of the Urban League.
“I’m going to make some decisions that some people won’t understand”, Forte said. He did not elaborate.
He did say he brought it up to a room full of Kansas City opinion makers because he may need their support.
“You get a room full of people, they can make a huge difference. And I’m going to use that momentum to do something on the police department,” the chief said.
Forte went on to say the Kansas City police department only has one African American captain. Captains earn the rank through a process and their performance on a test, according to the chief.
Forte says he wants to be able to appoint capitian because that’s the first line of the police department management
He believes he should have the right to pick his management team.

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