Lincoln Prep Protesters Honored At Urban League Luncheon

12 Lincoln Prep Students’s Silent Ferguson Protest November 20.

-The 12 Lincoln Prep High School students who had a silent Ferguson protest in front of Governor Jay Nixon are receiving an award.
The 12 received the first-ever, Spirit of Activism ‘ award. The presentation was made during the Urban League’s annual luncheon Thursday.
Urban league Board member Tiffany Williams noted that the students were acting in the same spirit of the young people who were the foot soldiers for the civil rights demonstrations in the 1950s and 1960.
Noted attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents the family of Michael brown in Ferguson, Mo, also praised the students.
He was receiving one of the major awards at the luncheon along with Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte.
The 12 students silently stood up and put their hands over their heads in a ‘don’t shoot’ style that has been seen frequently in the Ferguson protests. They did not disrupt the Governor’s speech, but he admitted he saw them.
The protests took place on November 20. Nixon was at the school to congratulate them for winning a national award for academic excellence.
Administrators ordered the protesting students out of the auditorium within seconds after the protest started
That was the day after Nixon had activated some units of the Missouri National Guard in preparation for the Michael Brown grand jury announcement that came the next week.
Later, a protester said the demonstration was their reaction to the police and state brutality for which they held the Governor responsible.
The 12 were scheduled to have a 4-hour Saturday detention this coming weekend. One of the protesters, however says the punishment has been “postponed”.
The American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to sue the school if the students are punished for what the ACLU believes is their 1st Amendment right to express themselves.

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