Blunt & Roberts-Former Intell Members-Blast Torture Report

Here is former Intelligence Committee member Roy Blunt’s remarks provides by Blunt’s office:

Former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts criticized. It, too.
Back in 2003, it was reported that Democrats asked Roberts to look into the methods of enhanced interrogation that were in use.
He did not.
Here are his remarks Tuesday:
“The release of this flawed and partisan study poses an immediate and direct threat to Americans overseas and those serving our nation in harm’s way. This is a liberal political exercise that serves no purpose and will damage the national security of the United States at a time when the threat of terrorism and terrorists groups, like ISIS, grow more dangerous by the day. The release of this dated study damages our efforts to fight terrorism and will cause those who serve in the Intelligence Community to become risk averse, shaking the faith these brave men and women have in their mission and in our government. I encourage Americans to read the Minority Views for a much more accurate assessment of the facts.”

Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill:

“This is a gut-check moment for our country-a test of whether we can hold to our values as a true and open democracy.

“One thing that separates America from most nations in the world is our ability and willingness to hold our government accountable. That’s what this report represents. And it is something that would never happen in countries such as North Korea, China, or Russia.

“The world knows that the United States engaged in torture. Engaging in such practices damaged our nation and tarnished our values. But failing to hold our government accountable would do permanent damage to those values and diminish even further our standing in the world.”

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