MoDOT Toll Toad Report Doesn’t Endorse It, But Offers Details

A new report from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)does not endorse converting much of rural I-70 into a toll road but it takes a hard look at the possibility.
Governor Jay Nixon asked MODOT for the report in early december.
He received it on New Year’s Eve.
“MoDOT does not have the money to finance an I-70 tolling project,” the report said. The report, however, added “without a significant investment in Missouri’s infrastructure, life on I-70 will continue to degrade”.
The report, as a previous report did, estimates the toll road project could costs anywhere from $2-to-$4 billion dollars depending upon it’s scope.
Three options in the report called for adding at least one additional lane to the 200 mile stretch of the interstate from the I-70/I-470 interchange in Independence to the west over to the I-70/I-64 interchange at Wentzville to the east.
The report recommends the toll for autos between 10 and 15 cents per mile. That would add $20-$30 to a trip across the state.
The toll for trucks, according to the report, could be two or three times that much.
The report also goes into detail about the possibility of a public and private partnership to build and operate a toll road. Several other states have used the public/private partnership model for toll roads in the recent past.
The state has looked at the toll road option in the past. Voters, not surprisingly, don’t care for the option.
Most highway projects in Missouri are funded through the state’s fuel tax.
But experts says that’s not an good way of doing that.
Missouri voters have rejected raising the state’s 17-cent per gallon fuel tax or the state’s sales tax three times in the recent in transportation related ballot measures.


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