Nixon Pledges, “We Will Not Be Shaken Down”

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says “we will not be shaken down by anybody,” in the talks to keep the National Football League in St. Louis.
Nixon made his comments Tuesday in Kansas City.,
Monday, the los Angels times reports the Rams’ owner, Stan Kroenke has joined a partnership to build a football stadium in Southern California.
At a Kansas City news conference, the Governor repeated his assertion that her wants the state to have two professional football franchises,the Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs.
“tt’s important to stay a major league state. Having two NFL franchises, two Federal Reserve Banks, things like that, make you stand alone.
There’s only 32 of them in the country, Nixon said.
Last month Nixon laid out six ‘principles’ for any proposal for keeping pro football in St. Louis:
-the project correct a blighted area.
-the project pay competitive wages
-it is environmentally responsible
-it provides for a use for the current Edward Jones Domes, where the Rams now play
-it functions as a public asset, rather than a private one
-no new or increased taxes.
Nixon cited those principles to reporters Tuesday.
Nixon said he expects to get a report Friday on the prospects of a new stadium. The report is expected to talk about the possibility of building a new stadium along the st. Louis downtown riverfront, north of the Gateway Arch

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