Brownback Calls for Cultural Renewal In 2nd Inaugural Speech

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback started his second term as governor with a speech calling on Kansans and all Americans to renew their ties to family.
“If we are honest,
we have to admit there is a crisis of the family in our country. In my view this is a principle issue
that must be addressed for us to move forward,” said Brownback in a short address.
Brownback delivered the speech the House Chambers, rather outdoors on the Capoitol steps, as tradition dictates.
Organizers of the event made the decision to move the ceremonies inside because of cold temperatures and a brisk wind that created a below-zero wind chill reading.
Brownback acknowledge times have been difficult. He blames a slow economy that has not grown as quickly has he hoped.
He also blamed the decline in culture in part on what he called “an overly paternalistic big government”.
He went on, “The truth is we have tried something else in our country for too long. We have focused on personal satisfaction and chance, not obligation and sacrifice”. Brownback says the solutions to many problems are cultural and moral.
“We should be talking about things like character and courage. Faith and freedom. Sacrifice of self. Morals. Obligations and Responsibilities. Not as dictated by government, but as emitting from our hearts alive with a loving God,”
The conservative Republican did not go into any detail about the problems he will confront in a second term.
Many of those details may be revealed
Later this week when. Brownback delivers his state of the state speech.
That is expected to have the details of the Brownback’s administration’s plan to with a nearly 700 million dollar shortfall in the current budget.

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