Candidate First Name Candidate Last Name Office Sought District In District At Large
Scott Wagner Council 1 X
Jeffrey Roberts Council 1 X
Jane Rinehart Council 1 X
Heather Hall Council 1 X
Louie Wright Council 1 X
Richard (Dick) Davis Council 1 X
Teresa Loar Council 2 X
Jason Hodges Council 2 X
Dan Fowler Council 2 X
Bill Super Council 2 X
Quinton Lucas Council 3 X
Virginia Evans Council 3 X
Karmello Coleman Council 3 X
Forestine Beasley Council 3 X
Carol Gatlin Council 3 X
Stephan Gordon Council 3 X
Shaheer Akhtab Council 3 X
Jermaine Reed Council 3 X
Jamekia Kendrix Council 3 X
Bryan Dial Council 3 X
Rachel Riley Council 3 X
Jared Campbell Council 4 X
Jim Glover Council 4 X
Bryan Stalder Council 4 X
Katheryn Shields Council 4 X
Jolie Justus Council 4 X
John Fierro Council 4 X
Theresa Garza Ruiz Council 5 X
Dennis Anthony Council 5 X
Lee Barnes Jr. Council 5 X
Alissia Canady Council 5 X
Lance Conley Council 5 X
Kenneth Bacchus Council 5 X
Bilal Muhammad Council 5 X
Edward Bell Council 5 X
Scott Taylor Council 6 X
Terrence Nash Council 6 X
Henry Klein Council 6 X
Kevin McManus Council 6 X
Vincent Lee Mayor
Sylvester (Sly) James Mayor
Clay Chastain Mayor

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