Obama Brings Blue Ideas to a Red State

President Obama arrives at Forbes Field in Topeka Wednesday night.

President Barack Obama landed in a last Wednesday night where the only blue he might see is on the Jerseys of the K-u Jayhawk basketball team.

And that’s part of the reason he selected Kansas for the second stop of his post-State of the union Speech.

Obama arrived in Topeka about 7:30 Wednesday night and directly rode to Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Kayhawks.

He is expected to give a speech on the KU campus Thursday morning.

The White House says the president traveled to Idaho on Wednesday and Kansas Wednesday night to make a point.

The president is well aware both are conservatives states.

In fact in Boise, he noted, “in places like Boise, the only blue is on your field,” a reference to the color of the turn of the football field.

The President is expected to repeat the theme that all Americans”desire to make progress” in their lives.

Wednesday night, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback priased the president’s delivery of the state of the Union. Brownback, however, said the speech was too far to the left for him.

He did say he would like to be able to talk to the Obama administration to see if they can find common ground on things like federal tax policy, Medicaid expansion and welfare reform.

"iI certainly think we could get a lot better on tax policy, federally, in ways that can help us to grow in this state," Brownback said

Brownback, the Mayor of Topeka, Larry Wolgast and Col. Ronald Krueger of the Kansas Air national Guard spend several minutes talking on the tarmac.

The President did not greet the handful of Guardsmen who were watching from nearby.

Both the Governor and the Mayor sai most of the time they spent talking with Obama dealt with sports, specifically, KU Jayhawk basketball.

Mayor Wolgast said he asked the President if he planned to work out with the basketball team.

Wolgast says the President did think so. Wolgast says he told him his shot was not too good right now.

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