Independence School District to Seek Tax Increase

The Independence school district is asking voters for a tax increase this spring.

The district says the 24-cent increase in the operating levy would raise $2 million a year.

Superintendent Dale Herl says the district is going through a growth spurt.

More than 1300 students have enrolled since the 2008-09 school year. Herl says during the same time, the district’s budget has been going down.

Herl says much of the $2 million would be spent on keeping teacher salaries competitive.

Administrators think the increase in the enrollment is happening because many of the neighborhoods are turning over.
“Older residents, they want to downsize. A lot of times they’re even selling their home back to their own children, who have children of their own,” said Herl.

“So maybe we had a rooftop that had no kids in it, it now hs 2 or 3 kids and they’re attending our schools,” he added.

At John Luff Elementary School, Principal Melissa Carver says some veteran teachers are seeing former students now enroll their own children where they once went to school.
“We’re seeing generations,” Carver said.

Earlier this week, the independence school board approved asking the voters for the tax increase on the April 7th ballot.

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