Missouri Hopes to Woo ” That Imprisoned Island”

Missouri’s bid to get in on the ground floor of the new relationship with Cuba is beginning now.
Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill leaves this weekend for a check of the trade prospects with Cuba.
The United States is moving towards restoring diplomatic relations. The 53-year old trade embargo, however, remains in effect; at least for now.
McCaskill’s office says she hopes to meet not just with Cuba’s leaders of agriculture but others as well, including Cuba’s diplomats.
McCaskill met with leaders of the state’s leading agriculture organizations in preparations for the trip.
Her office also says she met with Jose Ramon, Chief of Mission Cuban Interests Section.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s office says he will be the first US Governor to visit Cuba early next month.
Nixon will be part of a trip to Cuba March 1-4 ewith with the US Agriculture Coalition for Cuba (USACC).
Nixon met with state agriculture leaders Friday at a Stoddard County rice warehouse in preparation for the trip.
Nixon says US was the leading exporter of rice to Cuba before the 1962 trade embargo.
The US resumed rice sales with Cuba in 200, shipping more than 635,000 cubic metric tons between 2002-06.
That tonnage increased in 2008 when more trade restrictions were relaxed.

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