KCK Mayor Holland Goes Partisan in State of the City Speech

KCK. Mayor Mark Holland talks to reporters Tuesday after State of the City Speech

Kansas City, Kansas Mayor Mark Holland ended his State of the City speech Tuesday on a very partisan note.
Holand took note of the different kinds of people who had settled in the area and noted that some of them had been forgotten. Including Kansas Democrats.
“Bless their hearts,” he said.
The Holland blasted the Republican majorities in Topkea and Governor Brownback for their policies on funding public schools in the state.
“ “The Democrats of Wyandotte County believe our teachers are our role models; not our enemies,” Holland told about 350 people at the midday speech at the KCK Rotary Club.
“And our educational institutions, K-through 16, ought to be our pride and joy, and not just shifted over to the liability line , hoping the next generation will take care of it,” he said.
He also called on the state to Accept the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicaid. I know we’re taking federal dollars for education, for transportation, yes? And I know we’re taking subsidies for agriculture.
I doubt, if we called it ‘ Obama-culture ’ that people would stop taking their agricultural subsidies,” Holland said.

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