James Joins Other Mayors in Brief Supporting Same Sex Marriage

Kansas City Mayor Sly James is joining more than 200 mayors with a friend of the court brief to the US Supreme Court in support of same sex marriages.
The High Court is expected to issue a ruling on the issue by the end of this term in June.
The Court says it will hear oral arguments in the case in April.
Kansas City offers its benefits package to city employee who are in same sex relationships.
The city has included sexual orientation in its non discriminatory policies for more than 20 years.
Domestic partner benefits have been part of the city package for eight years.
” By supporting this brief today, we confirm our belief that marriage equality is the right thing to pursue, and that this belief reflects the culture of our welcoming community,” James stated in a news release.
The statement says the same brief to the Supreme Court is supported by several local government groups including the U.S. Conference of Mayors, the International Municipal Lawyers Association and the National League of Cities.

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