Academic Lafayette Plans for Southwest Fall Thru

The Kansas City school district and Academy Lafayette are breaking off talks about a partnership to place an honors high school at the Southwest High building on Wornall. Both sides “agreed to step back”, according to a statement.
The announcement comes less than an hour after a group of ministers and public school advocates heavily criticized the talks between the two sides.
The group claimed the plan was promoting “separate but unequal” schools in the urban school district. Academie Lafayette Biard member Marvin Lyman agreed.
“You can’t necessarily do that with 2 different programs in the building,” he said during a news conference.
KCPS Superintendent acknowledged once that impasse was reached his district would have no choice but have its money follow KCPS students
A coalition of inner city ministers and parents, unaware the deal had crumbled hours before but bad not been announced, said they objected to the proposed Southwest High plan because it created a “separate but unequal” school program.

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