James Hints at Tax Hike After State of State Speech

Kansas City Mayor Sly James hinted Monday at the possibility of a second term tax increase to pay for city repairs.

James was asked about the possibility following his State of the City Speech.

In the speech, the mayor in plans to deal with the backlog of needed repairs.

” I will not kick that can down the road,” he said during the speech.

Later reporters asked if that might include a request for a tax increase.
“It could, ” James said. The mayor, however would not elaborate on the plan. He said he’s not at the point yet where the plan is well developed. The Mayor said details could be several months away.

The mayor also praised the developing high technology firms coming to Kansas City.

He also noted that the combined city-county-federal crackdown on violent criminals seems to be paying off.
“2014 was a turning point for violent crime in Kansas City,” the mayor declared.

James also stated his support for expanding the role of charter schools in the City.
He said public and charter schools should stop arguing and work together to find proven ways of improving learning among inner city pupils

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