Jackson County Prosecutor Rips Missouri’s New Gun Law

Jean Peters Baker

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker says Missouri’s new gun law making gun possession an “inalienable right” is threatening the safety of Missourians.

Voters approved Amendment 5 on the 2014 ballot. Making gun possession an “inalienable right”, means it cannot be taken away. It was intended to counter any federal gun law restrictions. Critics however says the measure could, and did backfire.

“It’s counter-intuitive,” she said.

Peters Baker says the law is poorly worded. She says its definition banning some violent criminals from possessing guns is not broad enough.

Earlier this year, a man in St. Louis tested the new law.

Raymond Robinson is a handyman with a felony criminal record. He was caught with another gun. Robinson says he needed the weapon because he deals in cash a lot. Eventually, because of Robison citing the new gun law, the case against him was dropped.

Thursday, Peters baker’s op-ed piece was published in the Kansas City Star.

“That’s leadership?” she wrote, “ pass laws that bring you some political benefit even if they pose a danger to the public. Then hope the courts fix them”

One of the advocates of Amendment 5 in 2014 was Columbia state law maker Kurt Schaefer. He is now trying to make changes in the law during the remaining six weeks of the session.

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