John Booker, Jr’s Allies Were Federal Informants

John T. Booker, Jr’s alias, Muhammed Abdullah Hassan’s photo on a Linked In Site.

It appears John T. Booker, Jr. never realized his companions in the plot to bomb Ft Riley were actually undercover agents until he was busted.

Booker is facing 3 counts related to attempted terrorism and supporting the terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

According to the complaint against him, Booker never realized the person he was confiding his desires to “engage in violent jihad on behalf of ISIL” since mid October of last hear was a federal source.

Booker also told the informant that he wanted to carry out the attack on his own.

US Attorney Barry Grissom said Booker wanted to do that, “Because he couldn ’t be captured. All the evidence would be destroyed and he would be guaranteed to hit his target”.

Investigators say Booker rented a storage locker in Topeka on March 17 to keep all of the attack materials.

What he didn’t know was; the bomb making materials were duds.

A second undercover person was also acting as an informant says Booker wanted to bomb the central Kansas post of Ft. Riley because “the post is famous and there are a lot of soldiers stationed there.”

The complaint says near March 10 Booker and the two informants went t to Freedom Park near the Marshal Army Infield at Ft. Riley to shoot a video to accompany the attack.

It was to be released after his death.

The complaint says the Bookers message was to be for American parents to urge their sons and daughter in the military to get out.

“…whether it be in the recruiting stations, whether it be on the streets…Wallahi (I swear to God) we are coming for them and we seek their blood because their blood is ‘halal’, (Arabic for ‘awful or permissible according to the notes in the federal complaint) for us to kill them.

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