Brownback Shrugs Off Waitress’ “Tip the Schools” Note

This is what waitress Chloe Hough wrote on Gov. Sam Brownback’s bill at a Topeka restaurant Saturday night. Hough posted the photo on her Facebook page.

(AP) – Gov. Sam Brownback says not everyone always agrees with his policies after a restaurant waitress left a message on his receipt promoting more funding for schools.

Chloe Hough says she waited on the governor Saturday night at Boss Hawg’s in Topeka. She later posted his receipt on Facebook, showing the line for the tip crossed out and the phrase "Tip the schools" written beside it.

The Topeka Capital-Journal) reports Brownback weighed in on the Hough’s comment when asked about it at an unrelated news conference Monday. He says people approach him whenever he’s in public saying they agree with him on certain issues and disagree with him on others.

Schools across the state are facing tight or reduced budgets under funding changes supported by Brownback.

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