Lamers ‘Uber Rides’ Brownback

(AP) – The Republican-controlled Kansas Legislature has overridden GOP Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto of a bill imposing new regulations on ride-hailing companies like Uber.
The Senate’s vote Tuesday was 34-5 while the House voted 96-25, comfortably surpassing the two-thirds majority needed.
The measure would require drivers for ride-hailing companies to undergo state background checks. They’d also need additional auto insurance coverage beyond the $1 million Uber offers when drivers are logged into its network or transporting passengers.
Uber connects drivers to riders through a mobile app. It was operating in Wichita and the Kansas City area and expanded after Brownback’s veto.
“Over-regulation of businesses discourages investment and harms the open and free marketplace. Uber, and other innovative businesses, should be encouraged to operate, grow and create jobs here in Kansas,” the Governor said.
The company put a popup on its app for Kansas users after the Senate vote saying, “KANSAS JUST SHUT DOWN UBER” and, “Effective immediately, Uber can no longer operate in KS.”

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