Nixon Knocks House Jobless Override and Talks RTW

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

Missouri’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon says he is not sure why Republican House members overrode his veto on unemployment benefits.
“There is no reason to do it,” Nixon said. H e noted the state had repaid the federal government trust fund the money it had used. The veto was overridden by just one vote.
Nixon said dropping the period Missourians were eligible for unemployment benefits from 20 to 13 week is “not solid state policy”. Nixon also wondered why 17 lawmakers switched their vote.
He thought they had a veto proof margin.
The deciding vote was cast by Republican Nick English of Clay Ciunty who switched his vote to yes. That made him the 109th vote. The senate has get to vote on Nixon’s veto.
The Governor also said he hopes lawmakers do not approve the proposed ‘right to work’ legislation. The Senate spent much of Tuesday on the bill.
“I do. Ky like to work. And I do not want it to become law while I’m Governor–I don’t want it to become law ever,” he said.

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