Missouri Senate & UCM Investigating Early Departure of Intern from KC St. Senator’s Office

The Joplin Globe is reporting the Missouri Senate and the University of Central Missouri. has been investigating why interns abruptly left the office of Kansas City State Senator Paul LeVota. into the use of interns in
The Globe report says " In April, the university in Warrensburg reached out to and was joined by the Missouri Senate to assist in its Title IX investigation to probe any potential wrongdoing by the young woman’s superiors in Jefferson City that might have prompted her to want to leave her post."
LaVota released a statement saying he was not aware of a problem with the two interns. One is a female. the other is a male.
LaVota says his office was told they were sing called back to school to work on other projects.
Part of LaVota’s statement released today that reads, " I was never informed by the university, or by either intern, of any issues they experienced other than that,".
The University of Central Missouri said it would not have much to say about the report.
"UCM does not respond to questions about campus investigations. Federal law protects the privacy of our students," according to a statement.
The final week of the just- finished Missouri Legislature was rocked by the sudden resignation of House Speaker John Diehl who took responsibility for his role in a sexting scandal with a female college intern.

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