WyCo Considers Personalized Tag Notices

Wyandotte County, Kansas is considering sending out its own license tag renewal notices, since state is going to stop sending out notices.
The Director of Revenue, Debbie Pack says the Unified Government is considering the plan. Pack says the personal notifications would cost the city an additional $50,000.
Earlier this year, the Kansas Department of Revenue a bounced it was ending the practice.
Pack says that presents a big change for the 75,000 vehicle ow era in Wyandotte County.
“it’s huge,” said Pack.
The personalized notices were sent out to vehicle owners six weeks before the tag expired.
The notice provided detailed information including the cost of renewal.
The only county that issues their own renewal notices is Johnson County.
The notices are being replaced by postcard advising owners to contact the local DMV office for details.
Pack is among many county officials who think the change will lead to delays at the DMV.
” Our delinquencies will rise. We believe the calls to our phone will will rise dramatically. And the people walking through the door is going to increase dramatically,”said Pack
Lack says Wyandotte County will decide in the next two weeks if it will send out its own personal renewal notices.
The first wave of postcard notices is expected to be issued in mid July.

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