KCK Schools Cut $6.2 Million, Superintendent Blames State

The KCK school district is cutting its budget by $6.2 million dollars according to Superintendent Cynthia Lane.
The cuts include some lay-off of staff, but Lane says no teachers are affected by that.
The Superintendent says the head of the Human Relations department and some educational assessor are on the lay-off list.
Lane says a series of state budget cuts in recent years have lead to “a tipping point”, forcing the cutbacks.
Lanes says all the officials who support the block grant funding plan, which includes Gov. Sam Brownback and many legislative leaders, are responsible for the budget cuts.
Lane says the new finding pan for Kansas schools providing them with block grants for schools for the next two year actually represents a cut because of increasing costs and growing enrollment.
Lane and the district are plaintiffs in a lawsuit challenging the block grant plan. A Shawnee County Judge has the case now.
Meanwhile, there were signs in Topeka of progress in the deadlocked state legislature.
There were fears that if the lawmakers did not reach a new budget deal by July 1, the schools may face more funding cuts.

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