Missouri Lawmaker Has Pharmacist’s License Placed on Probation for 3rd Time

 (AP) – Missouri state Rep. Lynn Morris’ pharmacist’s license has been placed on probation for a third time, most recently because Morris wrote prescriptions for himself and others without a doctor’s approval, documents show.

Television stations KYTV and KSPR first reported Thursday that the Board of Pharmacy placed the Ozark Republican on probation for three years. Morris did not immediately return phone calls from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Morris first was elected to serve in the House in 2012. He owns several Family Pharmacy drug stores in the Springfield area and has also introduced numerous bills dealing with pharmacies and pharmacists.

Morris acknowledged in a settlement that took effect in April that he filled 18 prescriptions between 2011 and 2013 under a physician’s name without his authorizations, documents show. He filled prescriptions for himself, his employees and his family for medications ranging from several antibiotics to pain and flu medications to drugs for his dog.

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