Brownback Pleads for Tax Increase Bill as Bouse Speaker Expresses Frustration

A packed committee room in Topeka listen to Governor Sam Brownback Thursday afternoon.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback told KansS lawmakers, “I am
Pleading with you”, to pass a tax increase bill, or risk deep and unpopular gubernatorial cuts.
“The power of appropriation is in the legislature. And that where is should be And that where it should be done,” Brownack told KMBC before his caucus appearance.
Brownback’s intense speech was as rare as the joint House- Senate GOP caucus where he made his case.
Brownback’s Budget Director, Shawn Sullivan says without action by the lawmakers, Brownback may be forced to move by Monday. He outlined three options; a Brownback veto; a line item veto process.
He said that would inflict deep cuts. He cited cuts to the state university stem.
The third option is gubernatorial allotments. Each agency would get less money that budgets.
One other scenario would be across the board budget cuts that would cut another $197 million from public schools. “None of them are good”, said Sullivan.
The Governor said because of the approaching end if the fiscal year June 30th he must act no later than this coming Monday. Meanwhile House Speaker Ray Merruck expressed frustration with the deadlock.
He says lawmakers are no longer keeping their word when they pledge their votes.
“There’s lots of legislators will tell you right to your face, ‘yeah I’m with you’, then end of not being there,” Merrick said in an elusive interview with KMBC TV.

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