53% Support KC Raising Minimum Wage to $15

Demonstrators call for Kansas City to raise its minimum wage.

Kansas City voters support the idea of raising the city’s minimum wage up to $15 an hour, according to a new Remington Research poll released Tuesday.
In a survey of 3,912 likely voters from June 10-12 a slight majority favor raising the wage. 53% of the survey support the raise, 38% oppose it; 9 are unsure.
“This is no locomotive,” said pollster Titus Bond, “that is not overwhelming support for the minimum wage.
Bond says a similar poll in St. Louis showed more than 60% of the survey supporting the idea.
Younger voters are, by far, the biggest supporters of the raise. 73% of them support it.
So do 70% of the Democrats. And 68% of the African Americans contacted by pollsters. In all other age groups, about 40% of the survey oppose the measure.
Bond points out that the voters in the poll do not care for excluding some business from the increased minimum wage.
55% of the those polled oppose excluding small local shops with under 500 employees, but requiring franchise operations of the same size to pay the higher wage.
Tuesday, Mayor Sly James says the plan the city is working on does not raise it to $15 and hour but it does increase it.
James says there are lots of questions including the final rate, the pace of increase and the exception questions that still have to be settled.
Tuesday, Mayor Sly James says the plan the city is working on does not raise it to $15 and hour but it does increase it.
The city is working on whether or not to push for an increase in the Kansas City, Missouri minimum wage before late August.
That time is important because a new state law takes effect in late august prohibiting cities from setting their own minimum wage.
The minimum in Missouri is currently $7.65 an hour. The federal minimum wage, which applies in Kansas, is $7.25/hour. Sent from my iPhone

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