Hall Says Including Police Chief in Campaign Flyer “Just an oversight”

1st District candidate Heather Hall poses with Police Chief Darry Forte picture is on a Hall for Council campaign flyer.

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte defended himself Tuesday after his image appeared in a city council campaign flyer.

"I had no knowledge the picture was going to be used," Forte said.

"I don’t support anybody’s campaign. I’m neutral on campaigns," the chief said.

It is against state law for Missouri police chiefs to endorse other candidates.

The Chief alerted the Board of Police Commissioners last week, according to the Department.

1st District City Council Candidate HeatherHall included the picture of herself and Forte taken at police headquarters.

"That picture was taken at our last memorial ceremony, in this room," Forte said

He added, as chief, he has his picture taken with many people.

"if they do something inappropriate, in my opinion I’ll say something about it," he said.

The Police Department Counselor sent Hall a letter declaring the use of the Chief’s image in the campaign flyer is unauthorized and telling the campaign not to do it again.

"This was just an oversight," Hall said in an e-mail to KMBC TV.

Hall is mounting a serious challenge to incumbent Dick Davis.

A Remington research poll released Tuesday shows Davis leading Hall by a two points, 36% to 34%.

30% of the likely voters in the survey say they are undecided.

The Kansas City, Missouri elections are next Tuesday.

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