Kansas Regents Schools Seek 3.6% Tuition Hike

(AP) – The Board of Regents schools in Kansas are all seeking a 3.6 percent tuition increase.

The Lawrence Journal-World reports that the University of Kansas and the state’s five other Board of Regents colleges want 3.6 percent tuition increases for in-state undergraduate students for the coming school year.

At the University of Kansas Lawrence campus, standard tuition for full-time in-state students would increase from about $4,400 to about $4,500 per semester.

In addition to tuition increases, the colleges also are proposing fee increases, which the Board of Regents members also are expected to vote on this week.

Combined tuition and fee increases at the University of Kansas would boost the total amount that students pay by 4.9 percent for in-state undergrads.

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