Nixon Expected to Veto School Transfer Bill Friday

(AP) – Multiple Missouri lawmakers say Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon will veto a bill aimed at revamping the state’s student transfer law.

Republican bill sponsor Rep. David Wood and Senate handler Sen. David Pearce say Nixon’s legislative affairs director told them that the governor will veto the bill.

Nixon’s office says he will take action on the bill Friday but has not confirmed he will veto the bill.

Current law requires failing districts to pay tuition for students to transfer to better-performing schools nearby.

But struggling schools have said that’s created a financial hardship for them as they try to regain accreditation.

This year’s bill would have accredited schools by building, so students in failing districts could transfer to better-performing schools in their district. The goal was to keep students and tuition dollars close to home.

Critics say provisions to expand charter and virtual schools cater to special interests.

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