Valdenia Winn’s “Outburst” Hearing Set for Friday

Kansas House Republicans are expected to act on a formal complaint against KCK Democratic State Representative Valdenia Winn Friday morning.

Republicans lodged the complaint against the KCK Democrat because of “offensive and reprehensible” remarks she made on the House floor during debate on bill restricting some school benefits for the children of illegal immigrants.

According to the House record Winn said, ““I have dreaded this day because this is a racist, sexist, fear-mongering bill. I would like first to apologize to the progressively minded people of Kansas who are appalled that we are turning
back the hands of to, and I’m going to use strong language, Jim Crow tactics. And, once again, making Kansas a laughing stock. I want to apologize to the students and parents whose lives are being hijacked by the racist bigots who support this bill, because this bill —” .

At that point, her microphone was cut off.

Democrats accuse the House Republicans of trying to cut off free speech.

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