Catholic Dorm ControversyStill Simmers as. It Heads for Council Decision

The intense controversy over plans for a Catholic dormitory set for the neighborhood between Rockhurst University and UMKC is headed for the full the city council.

The Council’s Planning Committee voted to send the plan on to the full council.

“This is farm from a sure thing,” advised chairman Ed Ford after voting to send the plan ahead.

The plan for a dorm to house Catholic students at UMKC is facing stiff opposition from some of the residents near its location, on the property of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church at 52nd & Troost.

The diocese says it wants to provide a Catholic culture for UMKC students who desire it. The dorm would be across the street from the catholic Rockhurst University.

Some of the opponents, however, include members of the Catholic parish. They think the diocese is thrusting an unwanted plan upon them

“it’s this project, it’s not housing,’ said parish member Vince Gauthier, one of the opponents of the plan. Opponents complain the church refuses to compromise on the plans.

Not everybody is going to agree on how it’s laid out, or designed, or pieces. But we do think it’s a connector between these two universities” said Fr. Kenneth riley of the Kansas City Catholic diocese.

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